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Bob Stockton-Listening to Ghosts Bob Stockton-Listening to Ghosts Second Edition

SW101 (7/2019): Four Stars. Took me back to my Navy time (1966 - 1974).
William Johnson (2/2021): Five Stars. Great job in stirring up memories. 5 star for sure.....
Sarge (9/2011): Five Stars. I read Bob's "Listening to Ghosts' autobiography and it's a page-turner.
Beak 463 (8/2011): Five Stars. A real winner here Mr. Stockton.
Harold D. Williams (10/2014): Five Stars. Excellent Reading.

Bob Stockton-Fighting Bob

Vocal Jazz (8/2016): Five Stars. Well written, entertaining, and filled with true historical interest!
Beak 463 (10/2011): Five Stars. A step into history...
Joel E. Warren (8/2011): Five Stars. I wish history was always this entertaining...
Allen W. Forrest (8/2011): Five Stars. Enjoyable way to learn history!
Bill S (8/2011): Four Stars. Exciting account of a growing Navy.
Lydia Granda (10/2016: Four Stars. Recommended for history lovers.
Anne77 (10/2016): Four Stars. A great review of early American history.

Bob Stockton-Counting Coup

PMM (7/2020): Four Stars. Nice Technique. I enjoyed the read very much.
LR Lizzie (1/2015): Five Stars. A good read.
Harold D. Williams (10/2014): Five stars. Interesting reading.
Tom S. (5/2013): Five Stars. Didn't Want it to end.
Jack Kregas (6/2019): Five Stars. Well written history of the old west that reads as if it happened yesterday. I would like to saddle up and join the characters.

Bob Stockton-Man Who Lost His Wife

Allen W. Forrest (4/2015): A keeper! I will read this book again.
Richard Shore (3/2016): Another five stars for author Bob Stockton.

Bob Stockton-Sea Stories

Allen W. Forrest (6/2019): Five Stars. Best yet from Bob Stockton.
Norbert (12/2019): Five Stars. Stories of Navy service that are hilarious yet heartfelt.
LR Lizzie (7/2019): Five Stars. A good read.
Jack Kregas (6/2019): Five Stars. Some of the best military stories you will ever read.

Blue Collar Blues

Jack Kregas (9/2020): Five Stars. Heartfelt stories from a time of war and peace.

Bob Stockton-Stories from the US Navy

Randy Watkins (12/2014): Five Stars. A great read.
Wharfee (6/2018): Five Stars. Good, fast read.
Kindle Customer (8/2018): Five Stars. Excellent story. Very well written. Could not put it down.
Allen W. Forrest (12/2014): Five Stars. Loved re-living those days through the writing.
Richard Shore (12/2014): Five Stars. Great Read.
Hicop (1/2019): Four Stars. Reliving my Navy days.
Ret. USN (6/2018): Three Stars. Stayed true to facts of rank and responsibilities.

Bob Stockton-Friendly Fire

Norbert (3/2020): Five Stars. Great and easy read.
Kindle Customer Stoney (5/2021): Five Stars. Well written and interesting.
Wharfee (6/2018). Five Stars. Good fast read.
Hicop (1/2019): Four Stars. Brought back memories.
Joe V. (5/2017): Four Stars. As a retired sailor I loved it.
K. Schecter (9/2018): Four Stars. Loosely based on true story.
Ivarr (5/2017): Four Stars. Great stories from another destroyer sailor.

Bob Stockton-Third Tour

Norbert (5/2019): Five Stars. Another great book about time in the Navy, funny and witty. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
AF (4/2017): Five Stars. Another hit from Chief Stockton!
Wharfee (6/2018): Five Stars. Good Fast read.
Richard Shore (3/2017): Five Stars. A great military stories writer.
Ivarr (5/2017): Five Stars. Great Navy story!
Hicop (1/2019): Four Stars. Quite an interesting read.

Bob Stockton-Sea Stories

A in Pa (3/2020): Five Stars. Enjoyable reading.
Winfield E. Haggard, Sr. (7/2019): Five Stars. Brings back old memories. Great book!
Richard F. (11/2018): Five Stars. Great book.
Hicop (5/2018: Five Stars. Many memories of good times.
Amazonite 55 (7/2019: Five Stars. Real Personal sea stories.

Bob Stockton-Sea Stories

Leland C. Shanle, Jr. (12/2020): Five Stars. Fantastic read! I highly recommend it.
Mike K (10/2020: Five Stars. brought back some good memories from my days in the navy.
RFW (9/2020): Five Stars. Bob puts you right in the action.
William Johnson (2/2021): Five Stars. Very good work in getting the details right.
Gene R (6/2021): Four Stars. Mostly a good read with believable interactions.
Jack Kregas (6/2020): Four Stars. An interesting view of the working of the Navy in the Vietnam War.